Living as a Disciple

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I won't be adding anything more to this so no point in anyone looking at it or even placing this on their blog. It's a waste of time!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hello it’s been another challenging week for myself at my new job. The job is hard as it’s dealing with payments from customers so I’ve been learning all the ways of doing the job. Anyway back to my spirit life I attended a celibates meeting on Monday night in Northampton. It was a different experience but I still have my own views on celibacy some both positive and some negative. I have been trying to make time to pray and make time for God in my life I’ve been deliberately asking when people drop me off that they do it at the end of the road. Therefore I get the time to pray a little about Jesus. I need to ask myself the question how much do I really love Jesus because at the friendship meals under 25’s meeting we where asked if we where in love with anybody. Well I told the truth, not very easy with loads of other people in the room. It’s a difficult subject and others did find it hard to discuss with other people around. Bless everyone for having a go with that one. Cell group on Wednesday was cancelled unfortunately people where either ill or unable to make it. I suppose making the celibates meeting made up for it. I want to ask that God show me the way through the darkness and all the hate around these days. Not everyone is nasty many people I work with are quite happy to help me when I need it. God’s grace touches everyone in some way. Maybe there’s a wall blocking God in some people’s lives and the connection needs to be made between God and that person. After all with electronics need a red and black wire to carry both currents.

Jesus blesses those who are depressed he frees those trapped here in hatred, famine, war, and people touched by all bad things. Jesus can free us of all this, however when you look at the situation in the World what would you say was the percentage of Christians to non-Christians. What could be the question lets do that in billions. I’m not exactly sure what the amount of people there are in the World not at this exact moment at 19.12 Friday 13th. Probably about 10,000 babies have been born somewhere in the World while I’ve been writing this blog. They in someway will all need clothing, fed and some will need an education and later in life some will have a job. Well how many will at some point turn to God as their Lord?

Just remember this that God is the superglue that sticks us all together in love and harmony. Blissful brotherhood love, no fighting just a healthy place to be and spend time together.

Bless you lots.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday 9th October 2006,

Been another busy week for myself. Me and 4 other brothers went camping on Friday night to some woods in Coventry we set up camp there and began collecting firewood to make some food and tea. I must say the tea tastes better than one you make at home. Well I guess it was more appreciated as I had worked hard. After we had some food it must have been at least 11.00pm so we started setting up our camp for the night we had a waterproof tarpaulin sheet and ground cover. After we did this we went out again to look for some sticks to use in our mystery challenge on Saturday. About 1.00am in the morning we settled down and had a sharing time between us this went on for a little while. Then a brother read us a bedtime story and we all relaxed for a while. I didn't feel tired as did a few other brothers where still awake so I thought well better to enjoy the time together than waste it sleeping, even through we had a busy day ahead of us. We collected more firewood; remember it needed to be kept alight for the whole time we where at the campsite. About3.00amm after we had some roasted marshmallows and wine gums me and two other brothers went out into a field to look at the stars and the moon. This was an amazing thing to see I really have never been outside at this time to see such a beautiful thing. I've seen it from indoors when I used to be at school but never like this. I will never forget this sight God was really there with us. We headed back collected more firewood and then abou4.00ama5.00amam we tried to get some sleep. I think between us we had abou15minsns each not much at all. Anyway we woke up a30 made some tea and began packing up the camp stuff. Got back to the car and went off to pray neck deep in very cold water. Three brothers went straight in the water and one other kind of fell in. I thought that if they where cold then little chance of me getting in there. After this we then went off for the surprise challenge. I knew it had something to do with extreme darkness. So we got to this disused rail tunnel in Northamptonshire it looked very spooky and pitch black. Probably no one goes down there very often. We started walking down and you could hear the drip, drips coming from the roof, we also had to be careful not to fall into these big drains in the ground . There was little light except from the few vents above our heads. Dripping with water and deposits from above given us the little light we would have down there. Anyway we got to the end of the tunnel and guess what no other way out except this little gap through the fence between the outside World and us. Me and other brother looked and thought we where going to be unable to get though this small gap, probably the size of a car door window. I managed to get my little body though the gap and that encouraged another younger brother with my support to do the same. I'm happy for this brother breaking his fear like that so important for him to have done that. I was there to help him even if I put my own safety in jeopardy. That is real love and we need more of it. After that we then walked back to the car that took a while and then headed bake to White Stone for lunch and some sleep.

On Sunday I seen a friend I hadn't saw for ages we both went to the same school and we walked into Bright Flame and the look on my face as I didn't expect that. So we had a chat. All I can say it was great to see this friend and I want to bless him lots. Also I'm starting a new job this week for a large delivery company here in Coventry so it's going good.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday 3rd October 2006

Hi all,

Haven't had much chance to post anything on here over the past few weeks as I was ill and then I kept using computers that didn't like the fact I was doing my blog and deleted all I wrote before saving it. How frustrating is that the usless PC's they have in the library they just about let you do what you want on them.

I'm at the Jesus Centre today been very busy here I spent last week at home feeling awful with this bizaree infection. Anyway I'm over that and eating again so that's great. I had a call today to inform me that I was taking the meeting tomorrow cell group that is so I need to come up with something for that. I'm thinking that the group might be smaller than usual as some people are away or working at night in supermarkets. I would rather everyone was there well it minght be better for me and less stressful to have a fewer people there. I worked nights at a supermarket myself while at college and I tell you it's hard work I stated at 6.00 and finished at 10.00 to be in college for 9.00 the next morning. It takes it out of you and even more when the amount you earn is as little as someone on Jobseekers per week. Well the pay's not that bad but getting to that.

I seen a old school friend yestarday in town I knew him a few years ago but he left school long before me and he's changed a lot since I last seen him I only see him when I'm about. I was going to go and speak to him but I thought what will we have to say to eachother after all these years.

Anyway I finish at 5.00 today so better be going.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday 15th September 2006

Have been ill for a few days now not had a lot of sleep or anything like that. We went to Worcester for our cell group I was with a younger brother and he attended to talk to a group of chavs in a car park and they told us where to go. Worth a try at least they needed some help they where so shallow minded. The meeting last night was good had a lovely meal together. I had a go doing the transport for all the people who where there last night. I would not actually mind going something like that it's a challenge through can also be logistical nightmare. Today met a brother who I hadn't spoke to for a while and had a good conversation with him. Then met up for another friend.

I got offered a job or in my case a joke because the hours where from 6.30am until then have a break until 3.00pm until 8.00pm or the other was 12.00 midday until 8.00. what kind of job has such stupid hours? That would mean that I would miss all the meetings at White Stone. At the end of day why should I risk all my faith in Jesus on some poxy job and miss all the people I love verymuch talk about depression or what what's out of order.

Anyway I think there is a calling for covenant as I don't feel I fit in with the Worlds system and I think that the place is lost and confused. The problem with everything is that all the bad things rule in this world. Why can't we love eachother and be humble and respect one another. Yet at White Stone I see stupid fighting and disagreremnt over the smallest of things. My phone's better than yours I've got 10p more than you. Get a life enjoy the comapny of every one and don't higher yourself above anyone else. There is a passsage in the Bible that tells us that everything is the same. Not sure where I don't have a Bible with me.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

12th September 2006,

Hi all I need to post something on here again so here is all my thoughts and feelings over the past week or something. Some of us went to Cardiff on Saturday to a Baptism there was a very long ride in the minibus there and back and I feel as it was worth it. Got back to White Stone late had a lovely 3,2,1 must say the best one I've had in a while or for the whole time I've been coming around.

The Sunday meeting was good had a brother there that's just started coming back to the church after sometime. Just want to say that I'm behind everyone even through I don't well my flesh won't like that. I had a need to make covenant lately we had a chat about it at lasts nights Elisha Band. Not sure when I will do that I guess when the time is right.

Had a chat with a brother was quite a moving conversation I keep feeling I've got more in common with this brother all the time except for a few things through that are bad. I really want to be there for him it's important we support him in all ways possible. Unfortunately in this country it's illegal to kidnap people therefor everyone will still be with us. Anyway just an idea.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Saturday 2nd September.

I’ve had a good week I’ve felt positive and challenged by many things. The meeting on Thursday was great we got together for prayer and I felt a powerful experience of the Holy Spirit as myself, and a brother prayed for each other bringing healing. We then had a really good conversation about random things that I don’t want to share on here but he really touched my heart and I am truly humbled by this brother. After we had a fire and then got home just after ten. With the prospect of getting up at 6am to travel to London with a friend was a little daunting. In the morning I walked to bus station and waited for him he’s not a member of the church he’s a friend I had from school. He is a blessing himself and got a good heart. I actually didn’t think he was going to turn up he arrived just in time for the 420 National Express coach direct to Victoria via Marble Arch. So off we where and got off at Marble Arch at around 11.00 brought a Tube 1 and 2 zone day ticket. Now I didn’t know where I was going all I seen on the map was lines going all over the place. Anywhere we had a look at New Scotland Yard my friend said this looks a bit bigger than Little Park St, which was funny at the time. Went to Shepard’s Bush didn’t seem too far if it was North London. Then we spent a few hours traveling around the Tube all over the place the idea was to make the most of the tickets. Unknowingly to us the nightmare that was about to enthrone us of being trapped there. About 10mins before the coach should depart we had no idea where Victoria was and had wasted time in the wrong place. When we found it the coach was full or overbooked so we where stuck there. A supervisor helped us and changed our tickets for the next coach. We waited about an hour until 9pm when we found out that this guy didn’t see that it was Coventry we wanted to get too. The coach arrived and was going non-stop to Birmingham. Stuck with the risk of getting on this now or waiting for a direct to Coventry at 10.00pm and not being able to get on it. We made the decision to get the one to Brum instead. The idea was to get out of London and at least to the West Midlands where we would at least know the area and kind of work it out from there. On board we saw the clock counting later and later. Desperately trying to find trains or buses to Coventry without success. We got into Brum at about 11.15 and ran to New St Station and to our relief was a train to Coventry at 00.10. Arrived in Coventry at 00.45. He’s parents took me home and all ends well. Just thinking what could have happened there.

Sunday 3rd September 06,

Saturday night church meeting at White Stone had plenty of power involving the Holy Spirit. We ministered again with each other and I am positive I felt the spirit moving inside me. After having a time to chill out I got home at around midnight. On Sunday morning I walked to the Jesus Centre I don’t normally I get the bus through I got there early and helped out. To be honest the meeting was not as good as it could have been at the beginning but soon got better. Went back to White Stone for lunch nice to see some brothers. Had a little walk while another brother lost years worth of hair and had the lot shaved off. The evening meeting went down a treat with too Baptisms one person in particular having years of problems washed away. The evening finished with plenty of singing and worship.